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Scarab says “Get on Your Bike” with Scarab’s Uni-Strap-Simply Ingenious

Scarab says “Get on Your Bike” with Scarab’s Uni-Strap-Simply Ingenious


April 3rd, 2017

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Uni-Strap puts Scarab Safety Beacon on your cycle helmet which means road users will see you from any angle when switched on. No faffing around as you can see, it does not interfere with comfort, internally discrete and is very lightweight. The 360° viewing angle it gives you is perfect for additional safety, giving maximum notice of your presence when out riding your bike.

Not enough for you bikers, well you can also put Scarab on your bike seat post with Uni-Strap, set Scarab to the RED LED setting and you are ready to be seen, and you will be seen from as far away as over 4km if you want to be really bright (Have consideration for other road users when setting the power level). Uni-Strap is proving some kind of addition to the accessories that come included in Scarab’s packaging.

Care should be taken to ENSURE you have road legal lighting on your bike in addition to any flashing accessory lights such as Scarab. Be Healthy and be Safe and “Get on ya Bikes and ride” this spring.

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